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Parents, teachers, engineers, consultants, business owners, children are all susceptible to illnesses that require medical attention.

If your business targets patients in the doctors' waiting rooms, Magsys can give it exposure through its Queue Manager which displays your advertisements to the waiting patients while they keep alert for their number to be displayed on the clinics and hospitals' que number display, powered by Magsys.


Each day, a lot of people waits for their turn to consult their doctors - illnesses can range from a mild cold, to chronic ones such as heart problem, diabetes and cancer.

Clinics and hospital nowadays adopt a queuing system to signal patients their turn to see the doctor, and Magsys's Queue Manager is installed in many clinics, hospitals and mediacal centers nationwide to track and display the turn numbers for the waiting patients.


Everyday, approximately 10 to 20 patients wait their turn in an average clinic, while 100 to 200 in hospitals and medical centers.

Magsys's Queue Manager is installed in more than 100 clinics, hospitals and medical centers nationwide, and has potential viewers of more than 1,000 per day nationwide.


Your advertisements can appear on the waiting rooms’ display monitor, served at a frequency of 30 seconds per display, 15 minutes a day, 7 days a week.

Then, if a patient needs what you can supply, he or she can contact you directly through your e-mail, phone number, and even visit your website!

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