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S-Core IT Solutions is a privately owned software development company located in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. We develop business solution software for all range of business particularly in the field of medical.

The core focus is now is on our own range of “MAGSYS” software products which were developed to meet the high-standard of users expectations and at the same time offers the innovative way to bring the software-life-cycle’s cost at a very minimum level.

With our innovative and viable business idea, S-Core was awarded with the Cradle Fund’s (an agency under Ministry of Finance, Malaysia), the CIP500 Grant in September 2010 with a near half-a-million ringgit of business funding.

This is a significant milestone to the trust we gained in our commitment in bringing what we think as the best approach of how a software business should be run in the coming challenging years ahead.

S-Core was awarded the MSC Status in August 2011 as the result of our creative and innovative software products and the vision we have showed by our strong commitment in research and development.

We constantly strive for innovations in software business, explore the client constraints in details while delivering the best solutions that will sustain in the long-term without much cost to be burden by the client.

S-Core also employs the high-standard of talent to be part of the company’s synergy and gives the best result to the business demand.

Our Clients

As of end 2011, the C-MagSys is already used by more than 140 clinics nationwide. With our cost-effective implementation and maintenance, we are confident that in 2015, our C-MagSys solution will be adopted by more than 1000 clinics in Malaysia.

Y-MagSys is another promising prospect for this coming years. With many dialysis centre opened in Malaysia, this product has a big potential to success as there is very few ready-made software product for dialysis operation currently available. We have successfully bring our first client – Darul Ehsan Medical Centre (DEMC) in Shah Alam to adapt our Y-MagSys solution.

The first client for our newly added product, H-MagSys has agreed to work with us on February 2011. After several meetings and working on their specific requirements, Pusat Perubatan An Nisa’ of Kota Bharu Kelantan has decided to rollout the system in February 2012.

We have now started to market the advertisement platform for MagSys and have several medical practitioners and suppliers advertise their services with us. With the vast market for this segment which is yet to be approached, we are optimist that MagSys Advertisement Platform will be a great success in the very near future.

We believe, with our expertise in software development, the quality of the software will meet the standard for bigger implementation in near future.