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If you are in the business of supplying
pharmaceuticals, health and medical equipment, then Magsys can get your products and supplies right in front of doctors.

With more than 1,000 clinics and hospitals nationwide using Magsys to manage their staff, inventories and documents every single day, you'd want the doctors to know that you can provide for them when they run out of healthcare supplies or in need of medical equipments.

Everyday, when the doctor starts his or her computer to check on various aspects of his or her clinic such as inventory, staff attendance and work documents through Magsys’s Clinic Management software (cMagsys), the system will connect automatically to Magsys’s online server to check for active advertisement files published and downloads it to the doctor’s computer. The advertisements will then be displayed as part of the cMagsys software being used by the doctors (and other clinic’s staff).

The doctor does his or her routines at his or her desk - consulting and treating patients, and recording each session into the cMagsys software installed in his or her computer.

The doctor can also manage his or her clinic’s inventory, patients’ documents and staff attendance through cMagsys.


Your advertisements can appear on the doctor’s monitor, served at a frequency of 30 seconds per display, 15 minutes a day, 7 days a week.

Then, if the doctor needs what you can supply, he or she can contact you directly through your e-mail, phone number, and even visit your website!

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